Individual Counseling by Life Quest Pursuits Counseling

One-on-one individual counseling has several benefits for many who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and trauma. Individual counseling is aimed at helping you cope with mental illness while helping you heal from harmful things in life. A session can last up to 45 to 50 minutes with follow-up sessions while mutually agreeing on set goals. While in counseling, individuals explore their feelings, behavior, as well as work through challenging memories to understand their better themselves while setting up personal goals and desires. If you have any questions or concerns about counseling, contact Shirley Azoulai, LCSW of Life Quest. Call for an appointment today!

Updates: I have set up my practice to adhere to all recommended Covid-19 safety standards so you can feel safe and secure if you wish to have an in person session. My office is extremely large and can easily provide comfortable social distancing. The office door can be opened and locked remotely to reduce contact and all surfaces are disinfected between clients. I will continue to offer telemedicine visits to those who prefer a video option, but the choice is yours and you can feel protected with which ever option you prefer.